Insights about our Pricing

Given the complexity of the project implementation, and the different needs to be met by our system, it is hard for us to have a "One-Size-Fits-All" pricing structure. We try to customize our system for each client we have in that way you never have to pay for you are not utilizing.

Some of the determining factors for our price quote:

The size of the pharmacy team: When implementing the system, we focus on empowering all users with knowledge that can increase the system buy-in from the end user. 

Your in-house tech talent: Teams that have an IT pharmacist, or superusers tend to adapt faster and become more independent.

Addressed challenges: We offer several different modules for different workflow within the institutional pharmacy departments. Sometimes, it might be wiser to implement one module at a time.

Research and Development: We offer incentives for teams that are willing to participate in feedback survey and discussions to improve our system.